Download Landglide For PC: Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac


Wondering how to Download Landglide for PC?

Not to worry. Check out this post and learn how you can Download Landglide for PC & Mac, Windows 10/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 7 easily.

Before we dive into downloading the Landglide app, let us see what is Landglide app and its best features.

What is LandGlide?

Download landglide for PC
Download landglide for PC

It is the most comprehensive parcel data mobile app, using GPS technologies to pinpoint your exact location, you can explore maps and access 150 million parcel records in over 3,000 counties – covering over 95% of the U.S. population.

Key Features of Landglide App

Following are some of the key features of Landglide app:

  • Simple User Interface.
  • It shows the property, and displays the owner, address, boundaries, parcel ID, price, sale, school district, and more
  • You can drop a pin and save the property.
  • You can use the map with GPS location-based technology when you are not connected to the internet.

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How to download Landglide for PC?

Here are the steps to download the landglide app on your PC:

  • Go to the official Bluestacks website and download the Android Emulator to your computer.
  • After installing it, sign in to your Google Play store account.
  • Search for the Landglide app on it and download it.
  • After the download is completed, install it and use the app on your PC.

How accurate is LandGlide?

LandGlide parcel lines have good accuracy. So, parcel boundary lines are 4-5 feet off, and you can get the more appropriate accurate location with it. 

How much does LandGlide cost?

For new users, it is free for seven days. After that, you must purchase monthly subscription plans such as $9.99/month or $99.99/year thereafter.

What are the best LandGlide Alternatives?

PropertyRadar and Landgrid Map are some of the best landglide alternatives.

Final Words

That’s all about how to download LandGlide app for PC. LandGlide has become an important tool for the real estate, utility, energy, outdoor recreation, insurance, forestry, delivery, and emerging industries.

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