Download Google Home App for PC: Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac


Wondering how to download Google Home app for PC?

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What is Google Home App?

Google Home is a speaker like the Amazon Echo, the gadget that listens to voice orders through the AI-controlled Google Assistant. Apart from hearing music, people can also get news updates, alerts, and control other smart devices.

To get Google Home working, you should initially download the portable application. Known as Google Cast in the past, the application helps you to connect and manage other smart devices.

This post will help you download the Google Home app for Windows 10 (both laptop and desktop).

Google home app for PC
Google home app for PC

Key Features of Google Home App

  • Create routines that allow you to turn on lights, check the weather, play the news, and more with one simple command.
  • Ability to see active audio and video streams on all your home devices in one place and change settings.
  • Set up your Nest Wifi in minutes using the Google Home app.
  • Manage your network from your mobile device.
  • Run speed tests, set up a guest network, and easily share your Wi-Fi password with family and friends.

System Requirements to Install Google Home App for PC/Windows

Let us see about the system requirements to install Google Home on your computer.

Operating System: Windows 7 or higher (Windows 8.2, 10)

Storage Space: 4GB or above

RAM: 2GB or above

Processor: Intel or AMD with a single thread passmark score of above 1000.

Higher the processor, better the performance of the Android emulator.

Check if your PC processor has a score greater than 1,000 here.

You must be the PC owner or have admin rights to run this app. This setup will not work on the normal user profile.

How to Download Google Home App for Windows 10

Google Home App is developed by Google only for Android and iOS. They are not available for Windows or Mac. However, we can use it through an emulator.

Let us guide you step by step to download Google Home app for Windows.

Step 1: Download BlueStacks Android Emulator directly from their site.

Step 2: Once it is downloaded, install and run the emulator. If you are not able to run it, right click the app and choose “Run as administrator“.

Step 3: Once it is opened, click on “Google Play Store“.

Step 4: Login to your Google account or you can create new one (if required).

Step 5: Once you have logged in, search for “Google Home App” and install it.

After the installation is completed, you can now use the Google Home App for PC!

How to connect devices using Google Home App for PC

You can follow the steps mentioned below to setup the devices using the Google Home App from your computer.

Step 1: From the home screen of the emulator, tap on “Google Home App” icon.

Step 2: Allow access to your location.

Step 3: Connect to your Google Home account. It will display all the devices and apps that were active on the mobile app.

Step 4: Select any device and click on the settings icon at the top right corner.

Step 5: You can edit and update the settings required.

Setup now is now completed and you can use the Google Home App from your PC.


Google Home App for PC is very essential for managing and controlling the devices with your Google Home Speaker.

With this method, you can use the Google Home App for PC irrespective of the operating system you are using.

The good thing is that you can still use the Google Home App on your mobile device too.


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